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My couples have said that my help is invaluable; I'd love to provide the same help to you. 

Delaware County wedding planner

“Arielle is a design rockstar!!

We picked our venue and then I started to have a bit of an uh oh moment when it came to designing the space. I am so grateful I found Arielle because she is so good at what she does! I knew bits and pieces of what I liked and didn't like but had honestly never envisioned what our wedding day would look like. At our initial planning meeting she immediately brought everything to life. From the initial planning meeting on, everything was super organized, collaborative and fun. When I walked into the venue space for the first time I couldn't help but get emotional! All the little details tied together perfectly and transformed the space. Arielle and her team also helped with all the logistics leading up to the day and day-of. Our wedding day was stress free, super fun AND beautiful all thanks to her and her team! We've had so many of our guests say how stunning everything was and it truly was more gorgeous than I could have ever imagined! The best!!”

- erin + jon


Glenside wedding planners

“It may be cliché to say "I couldn't have done it without her", but it is 1oo% true.

Arielle was absolutely INVALUABLE to us. We decided to hire a planner, and after interviewing multiple candidates, it was clear that Arielle was the best choice for us. Her bubbly personality is infectious, her design style is on-point & completely enviable, and her planning prowess is honestly unlike anything I've seen in my many years of corporate marketing and event planning. But the best part about Arielle is that she offers so much more than a keen eye for detail, superior organizational skills, and flawless execution of tasks. Arielle is a true friend -- a supportive, calming, reassuring, and confidence-inspiring presence, who is also enthusiastic, excited, passionate, and totally fun! We enjoyed every minute of working with her, because even when the stress started to creep in, Arielle was always right there to say "no worries, I got this!!". And she totally delivered, in every aspect. Her signature "BOOM!!!" texts still put a huge smile on my face. We call her the "Wedding Whisperer"! Arielle was also an amazing advocate. We wanted a planner that was truly on our side, and would work FOR US when it came to liaising with vendors and the venue. There was no doubt that Arielle was acting in our best interest, and she was willing to do everything she could to help us get exactly what we wanted. On our wedding day, Arielle and her team were with us the entire day, handling every detail behind the scenes. If there were any issues on the day, we never knew about a single one. To us, our big day was flawless! Throughout the entire process, no task was ever too big or small, too ridiculous, or outside the scope of our agreement (trust me, that is a HUGE one!). Arielle truly exceeded every expectation we had. She is worth her weight gold! If you need help with your wedding, HIRE ARIELLE FERA EVENTS!! You'll be so thankful you did.”

liz + bobby


Wedding planners in Glenside, Pa

“I don’t even think I could put into words how much it meant to have Arielle’s help throughout our wedding.

Long story short, Ryan and I were less than thrilled with our venue. But!! We had a vision on how to transform our wedding to make it feel like US. Arielle was the only one would could envision it all from the start with us. We planned for about a year and half together. What she did with our venue and especially the ballroom was UN-BELIEVE-ABLE!!!! I literally could not stop crying when they revealed our ballroom to us. Tears of absolute joy. It was all so overwhelming. I kept telling her I trusted her to make it look good, to do what she thought was right. I knew she would make it look amazing, but to say she absolutely blew us away is even an understatement!! I was truly speechless in that moment. She transformed a ballroom into everything we imagined and more! Throughout the whole process she was so thorough, responsive, prompt and the coolest part was she never let the stresses of wedding planning overshadow the fact that this was one of the most exciting times in our lives! She always made me feel so special & kept us both excited throughout the whole process. There aren’t enough ways I could say how amazing she is at her job. She truly loves what she does and it shows in all her work. I would recommend Arielle ten times over to anyone.”

katie + ryan

Wedding designer philadelphia

“If you are currently looking for a planner, look no further.

Hire Arielle immediately! When my now husband and I found out that our venue highly suggested a planner we immediately thought “what a waste of money”. Now looking back, I would willingly pay double to have Arielle with us through the entire process and at our sides the day of. She is truly a professional and after enjoying every moment spent with her this past year — I could not imagine this whole wedding experience (or my life) without her. She is amazing at what she does — her knowledge of the wedding industry and her attention to detail put your mind at ease from the minute you meet her; even more than that however, she has a huge heart which makes her a complete JOY to work with. Looking back, I don’t see Arielle as the woman we hired to help make our wedding day go seamlessly (even though this is exactly what she did) — she is a close friend and someone that I hope to keep in touch with because of the relationship we formed. It probably sounds cliche but our day would not have been as perfect as it was without her. She is irreplaceable and I am SO happy she came into our lives. And lastly to quote Arielle who knows how to really get the party started “wooooooot wooooooooot!!!!”

amanda + josh

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